SCP President's Message – APA 2016

APA Division 13 President - 2015

APA Division 13 President – 2016

The Executive Board recently completed its annual strategic planning retreat in Atlanta in May. Our goals were to increase alignment regarding our overall mission, to gain agreement regarding this year’s strategic initiatives, and to increase our effectiveness as a leadership team. In addition to the elected members of the leadership team, several additional members from the Leadership Council participated.

We spent time Friday talking about our personal stories as leaders. One important common theme was being personally invited to join the Society. This underscored the importance of each of us reaching out to others to join us and to get as engaged as desired. It was clear from our Friday focus, which included discussing the results of the membership survey, that our mission and our focus were driven by increasing awareness and engagement of members.

Saturday was more like sausage making. We took time talking about the list of things we were doing and the range of things we could do. This was tempered by what few things we should decide to do that addressed our mission and leveraged the resources we had in terms of time and dollars.

We shifted our focus on Sunday to decision making. It was clear to us as a member services organization that this year’s focus should be on increasing awareness and increasing engagement. You can expect more from us in these arenas. It was also clear to us how important it remains to deliver and enhance our offerings via our Consulting Psychology Journal, our Consulting Psychology Conference, our participation at the APA Convention, and a few key initiatives.

There is lots to do. We need you in order to do our best.

Greg Pennington, Ph.D.

Society of Consulting Psychology

Presidential Message – May 6th, 2016