SCP President's Message – APA 2015

Excerpts from John’s Presidential Session
APA Division 13 President - 2015

APA Division 13 President – 2015

Presidential Focus: improving SCP operations in service to members

My 2 coaches will be our own and beloved Kerry Cronan and an external person in a similar role as mine – Lorraine Huchler, President of IMCUSA.

We are going to Disney World! MWC 2016 is in Orlando.




We are 100 yrs old as a Division/Society in APA.

  • The 2015 Leadership team is the 101st – Easy Company as the Army Calls their 101st Squadron.


A few key things about SCP today:

  • we are 100 years old – successful centenarians with the pedal to the metal
  • holding our own at 1200 members while other organizations face big membership declines
  • record high levels of money to work with and protect us
  • more diverse than ever before
  • deeply engaged at APA in leadership and service roles
  • international footprint wider and stronger than ever


What SCP needs from you:

  1. Be active consumers of SCP’s good stuff
  2. Be critical consumers of SCP as members
  3. Be volunteers – we need your time and talent
  4. Be financial donors
  5. Be teachers, supervisors, mentors, employers of your younglings, of our own.

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