Concurrent Session

Consulting Best Practices from One Wheelhouse Over

Lead Presenter
Ellen Lent, PhD

Target Audience
Mid-Level and Senior-Level Consultring Psychologists

Skill Level
Intermediate and Advanced

CE Credits

Consulting psychologists regularly seek new and better ways to help clients learn and apply leadership skills in their real-world work environments. Sometimes these scientifically grounded methodologies come from knowledge and practices in associated disciplines or “wheelhouses”. Explore some creative and field-tested approaches to enliven leadership learning and make it stick in the back-home workplace. Practices based in psychological science related to physiological arousal, vicarious learning, leadership presence, emotional signals, and kinesthetic learning will be presented. Practices include: Coaching tool and mapping model for high-stakes presentations; coaching for presence by a trained actor; group communication in leading a live horse; visiting a civil rights musem; awareness of emotional and bodily states and ways to benefit from and/or self-soothe for optimal task achievement. Audience members will participate in demonstrations of these practices, identify the psychological concepts underlying them, and learn methods for helping clients transition from experience to effective action in their leadership roles.

Learning Objectives

  • List at least three science-based areas of client thought, behavior, or emotion that can be applied to client requests.
  • Practice at least one new client-learning technique and consider its use in other spheres.
  • Identify three potential client outcomes from adopting the demonstrated learning practices.

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