Concurrent Session

Exciting Times: How Talent Management Consulting is Being Pushed by Data

Lead Presenter
Gena Cox, PhD

Target Audience
Post-Doc/Early Career, Transitioning Psychologists, Mid-Level

Skill Level

CE Credits

This session will explore the increased client demand for consulting guidance regarding deriving and using data-driven talent insights to support business strategies. The session will suggest actions consultants can take to meet that demand. Topics will include a discussion of the factors that are driving this demand, how the field is evolving/must evolve to meet the demand, and guidance to consultants for optimizing impact in this dynamic environment.

Learning Objectives

  • Identify at least two client needs driving the demand for data-driven talent management.
  • Describe two ways in which demands for data-driven talent management are impacting the way talent management consultants work.
  • List three actions talent management consultants can take to keep up with the demand for data-driven talent management in order to best meet client needs.

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