Leadership in Today’s New World

Lead Presenter
Lawrence Jackson

Data trends in demographics, economics, and socio-political areas suggest significant shifts in expectations of leadership in today’s New World. In this changing environment are there core elements of you as a leader that continue to make a difference? How does culture and the environment influence your effectiveness as a leader? How does leadership continue to influence the organization’s culture? How will motivating and relating to others continue to make a difference? What corporate lessons from the past will continue to drive leadership and organizational effectiveness? What new lessons will need to be learned? This two way discussion will use personal learnings, and story telling to address these questions and identify key principles that help improve leadership effectiveness.

Learning Objectives
Attendees will:

  • Identify how personal values and core capabilities define Who YOU are as a leader in ways that matter
  • Understand how culture and environment significantly influence leadership effectiveness
  • Recognize how understanding, motivating and relating to people continue to be essential to leading others


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