High Velocity Listening: Transformational Coaching When Every Moment Counts

Lead Presenter
Jeffrey W Hull, PhD, BCC

CE Credits

Target Audience
Mid-Level, Senior-Level

Skill Level
Intermediate, Advanced

Coaches and consultants who operate in the C-suite know how to listen at an Olympic level, moving clients to change when the stakes are high and time is of the essence.  This highly interactive workshop invites participants to learn best practices for deep listening using real-life case scenarios. We explore multiple approaches to high speed coaching/consultation including: seizing the moment–from safety to revelation in the shortest possible time frame; the interpretative dance–listening with head, heart and gut; and, listening across borders–cultures, generations and geography. In small-group consultations, participants will have an opportunity to build their listening and coaching skills to foster transformation at the highest leadership levels.

Learning Objectives

  • Describe 2 or more challenges involved in developing/coaching leaders in high stakes environments and situations
  • Explain 3 or more ways to enter, contract, engage, listen deeply and evaluate participant’s impact in particularly challenging coaching cases
  • Have the opportunity to discuss and identify one new take-away about thought leadership around active/effective listening from neuroscience, somatic intelligence, positive psychology and variety of evidence-based research


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