Accelerating Genuine Leadership Development

Lead Presenter
Bruce J. Avolio, PhD

Kaeleen Drummey, MA
Chelley Patterson, PhD
Diane Vreyens, MS
Molly Cox, MA

Target Audience
Mid-Level, Senior-Level

Skill Level
Intermediate, Advanced

CE Credits

This workshop focuses on integrating research and practice to produce the highest impact and return on development investment to leaders in organizations.  Using our Leadership Development Blueprint and a meta-analysis of 80 years of leadership development research, we focus on how to design comprehensive leadership development interventions for clients by integrating developmental readiness with leadership and performance-based coaching, to address the unique developmental trajectory for each individual client engaging in leadership development with consulting psychologists.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand and apply a comprehensive blueprint for building leadership development interventions by being able to describe at least three different strategies for the development and application of the blueprint learned in this workshop to future work with clients
  • Understand and explain why rigor and relevance built into the design thinking for leadership interventions optimizes a measurable impact on leadership development.
  • Within the workshop,  apply at least three game design principles to how one considers and builds leadership development interventions for clients.
  • List at least three core steps when strategizing how to work with an entire leadership system, e.g., all leadership levels in an organization both vertically and horizontally to help a client transform his or her organization.
  • Identify at least two principles and methods based on knowledge of the developmental readiness construct that can be applied to accelerate client leadership development.

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