Applications of the APA Ethics Code to Organizational Consulting Psychology: Foundational Workshop

Lead Presenter
Stewart Cooper, PhD, ABPP

CE Credits

Target Audience
Post-Doc/Early Career, Transitioning Psychologists

Skill Level
Beginner, Intermediate

Organizational consultation requires that consulting psychologists make daily professional decisions involving ethics. Many of these decisions are complex and some require the wisdom of Solomon. This interactive foundational ethics workshop will provide participants an overview of 2010 APA Ethics Code and its applicability to consulting psychology, particularly as practiced in organizational contexts. The workshop is highly interactive and requires open and active participant discussion. (This foundational workshop or the equlivalent is a pre-requisite for attending the advanced ethics workshop).

Learning Objectives

  • Describe the 2010 APA Ethics Code and explain two or more ways that Consulting Psychology had a significant impact on the code
  • Describe at least two ways in which the 2010 APA Ethics Code affects the practice of consulting psychology, particularly in organizational contexts
  • Have the opportunity to practice applying the code to specific cases by determining the relevant standards and describing at least one course of professional action


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