Applications of the 2010 APA Ethics Code to Organizational Consulting Psychology: Advanced Workshop

Lead Presenter
Rodney Lowman, PhD

CE Credits

Target Audience
Mid-Level, Senior-Level

Skill Level

This interactive advanced ethics workshop will provide participants an overview of 2010 APA Ethics Code and its applicability to consulting psychology, particularly as practiced in organizational contexts. The seminar will emphasize awareness and application of the new standards directly connected to organizational consulting. Research on enhancing ethical decision making will be integrated into the program, and existing literature on ethics in organizational consulting psychology will be shared with the participants. Ethics specific to particular States, such as CA, will be presented. All the above will be applied to case vignettes and to actual ethical dilemmas participants have faced in their practice. (The foundational workshop or the equivalent is a pre-requisite for attending this advanced ethics workshop).

Learning Objectives

  • Have the opportunity within the workshop to apply APA and other ethical standards to at least two advanced and complex cases in consulting psychology
  • Describe at least three ways in which laws and ethics apply to the electronic delivery of consulting services
  • Explain at least two ways in which state and other jurisdictional licensing laws apply to consulting psychology, including in practice across jurisdictional lines

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