Evidence-Based Leadership Assessment: The Science of Practice

Lead Presenter
B. Alan Echtenkamp

Renée Vieira, PsyD, MBA

CE Credits

Target Audience
Students, Post-Doc/Early Career, Transitioning Psychologists

Skill Level
Beginner, Intermediate

The purpose of this session is to enhance consultants’ abilities to serve clients using evidence-based leadership development practices, assessments, and interventions. Using research, case study, and self-assessment, this session will broaden the aperture of those still developing their point of view about the utility and value of common assessment tools in order to help them better understand, select, and utilize these instruments for the benefit of their future consulting clients.

Learning Objectives

  • List three ways in which theory informs assessment in organizations
  • List at least one strength and one limitation to each of three commonly used leadership assessments in organizations
  • Describe at least three ways in which utilizing one method of engaging the broader organization system as presented in this workshop can help support personal and organizational client change

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