Consulting for Innovation: Integrating Cognitive Styles, Process and Skills

Lead Presenter
Marino (Min) Basadur, PhD

CE Credits

Target Audience
Transitioning Psychologists, Mid-Level Consultants

Skill Level
Intermediate, Advanced

Organizations need to innovate to stay competitive but the innovation process is often poorly understood. This session introduces the Basadur Applied Creativity Process. Participants learn and experience: the eight step innovation cycle; the assessment of the four cognitive styles needed for each phase of the process; and the different skills of diverging and converging to move a team from fuzzy problem to new solutions.  Senior teams can then catalyze a culture of innovation and full engagement.

Learning Objectives

  • Explain how one concept of innovation is linked to applied creativity
  • Describe one reliable, valid method of assessing each of the four cognitive styles needed to achieve innovation
  • State that they have had the opportunity to practice at least two skills of diverging and converging to arrive at problem definition, idea finding and optimizing solutions
  • Explain how cognitive styles fit each of the eight specific phases of an eight stage innovation cycle

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