Applied Positive Psychology Based Well-Being Coaching for Health Care Professionals and Health Care Industry Culture Change, I.E. Bringing Joy Back to Medicine

Lead Presenter
Jeffrey E. Auerbach, PhD

Ricki Bander, PhD
Relly Nadler, PsyD
Steven A. Adelman, MD – via video
Sandra Foster, PhD – via video
James Dwyer, DO – via video
Denise Kirwan, MS – via video

CE Credits

Overwhelming research indicates that our health care systems are filled with employees with low job satisfaction and high burnout. For example, the American Medical Association has repeatedly called the situation an accelerating crisis within the medical workforce. Increasing rates of burnout and decreased personal and professional satisfaction amongst healthcare employees and healthcare leaders emphasize the importance of creating a well being culture within this critical industry. In this workshop you will learn a four-step coaching model and additional coaching techniques to enhance health care team members’ and health care executives’ functioning and well-being, based on an adaptation of a research based model of well-being focused on the unique competencies needed in health care organizations. This workshop is timely as the National Board of Medical Examiners, the licensing board for physicians, recently launched a well-being coaching certification to address the healthcare crisis.


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